Certified Innovation Games for Agile Teams

1 Day Course

This one day certification course will enable Agile practitioners to put Innovation Games to use to identify customer requirements, improve retrospectives, prioritize backlogs, create better release plans and much more.

Innovation Games® are serious games that can be used to deliver cost-effective market research for Agile teams and super-charge the product planning process. Based on the book of the same name by Luke Hohmann, Innovation Games® power innovation by enabling you to better understand your customers. Many of the practices and processes followed by agile teams are enhanced and improved through the integration of Innovation Games®.


This course will help you gain a better understanding of how to apply these games within the context of an Agile development process. While there is a lot to love about Agile development, many practices can get pretty tiresome. Retrospectives stop working when teams become bored with answering the same three questions (“what worked, what didn’t work, what should we change?”). Prioritizing a product backlog in a single meeting before, or during, release planning using a spreadsheet isn’t very engaging. Developing and presenting a product roadmap using PowerPoint gets pretty old, especially when you can’t find a way to show the growth in functionality of your product.

Beginning with an overview of Innovation Games, you will learn how to:

  • Identify customer requirements for an ideal product through Product Box
  • Improve retrospectives with Speed Boat
  • Prioritize your backlog through the online game Buy a Feature Online
  • Plan a successful project through the game Remember the Future
  • Develop better release plans with Prune the Product Tree
  • Understand product usage with Me and My Shadow and Start Your Day

Agile should be fun! And when you integrate the games described in this class into your Agile practice, it will be.




  • All members of Agile teams with a focus on product planning, product development and product management.
  • Anyone who wishes to create more innovative product and service offerings.


Completion of the course designates you as a Certified Innovation Games Facilitator, Yellow Belt. (For more information on Certification and Belt Levels, see the Innovation Games website.)

Scrum Alliance: 8 Cat C SEUs

Trainer: Jose Casal

Jose Casal

Jose Casal is a business improvement professional and coach. Starting out as a software developer, Jose quickly realised that he loved helping others succeed using agile.

Jose is the Founder and Chair of the BCS Agile Methods Specialist Group and the lead creator of the BCS Agile Foundation Certificate (contributing the official syllabus, exam questions and training materials). He is also the chair of the London Lean Kanban Day (LLKD) and Playcamp UK conferences.

As an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer Jose has a few certifications under his belt, here are just a few of them: Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), certified APMG AgilePM Trainer, Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), DSDM Advanced Practitioner, BCS Agile Trainer and Innovation Games Collaboration Architect.

Trainer: Jean-Paul Bayley

Jean-Paul Bayley

Jean-Paul Bayley is the Lead Consultant of Bay Spark Ltd., a firm specialising in business agility and organisational development. He led the Agile Transformation ​at Kaplan International and oversaw the significant growth of the development team.

He​ i​s a committed people person and is passionate about the use of play and games at work. Colleagues say he is a “competent, good-natured facilitator that efficiently enables cultural change in teams and organisations”.

He is a​n organiser​ of the Playcamp​ London​ conference​, an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Instructor (CCI) and a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room!”


Prices start from £350 + VAT (Group discounts available on request)

Very beneficial for anyone running meetings or managing/working with teams.

G. Lennox

Excellent content & concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone involved in change.

I. Brennan